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If a Genocide on the Scale of Rwanda Happened in Europe, Would We stand Idly By?

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The Rwandan Genocide, 20 Years Later


rwanda-1024x679Antoine Rwego-Gasasira: I took this photo at the Ntarama memorial site in April 2012. For me and for many others in my generation, this “Tigana” shoe calls to mind the good times we spent together playing “karere” (soccer ball) in the fields of our primary schools and in our neighborhood streets.

Is the Success of M-Pesa ‘Empowering’ Kenyan Rural Women?


mpesaThe popular mobile money transfer service, M-Pesa, appears to improve the everyday lives of  rural women in Kenya. But a review of some of the current research indicates a need for further conceptualisation of what women’s empowerment means. M-Pesa (“M” for mobile, pesa is Swahili for money) in Kenya is one of the most celebrated success stories of information and communication technologies (ICTs) allowing poor communities to access a revolutionary bank service.

Is Ethiopia Ready for Fast Food and Name-Brand Soap?


KFC-store_kfc_postimage_largeEthiopia is a largely agricultural nation of 94 million people that endures frequent droughts and famine, with a per-capita income of a bit more than $100 per month. Is it ready for Heineken beer and KFC chicken outlets?

Africa: Can Musicians Contribute to Peace in Africa?


youssou1In his latest music video, world-renowned Senegalese pop star Youssou N’Dour does what he does best. His song, One Africa, performed with vocalist Idylle Mamba from the Central African Republic (CAR), is a sterling example of N’Dour’s unique style that mixes French lyrics with Wolof (a local language in Senegal) and his trademark Mbalax rhythms. The song is an emotional call for peace in the troubled CAR where Christians and Muslims remain engaged in a bitter conflict.