Gabriel Teodros: Children of the Dragon

“I dreamed about making this album. To make an album with someone who spoke the languages of Ethiopian music More »

Burkina Faso: Every House is a Work of Art

Reblogged from MessyNessy featuring photography from Rita Willaert. Burkina Faso is by no means an area frequented by More »

Trouble in the Village: A Review of Dak’ Art 2014

Dak’ Art 014 is an art exhibition showing over 120 artists of African descent. It opened on 9th More »

African Feminist Engagements With Film

African film-making is one of the most vibrant and dynamic cultural arenas of our times. Feminist Africa issue 16 (FA16) More »

Representation of Africa in Film: White Shadow

Stories work with people, for people, and always stories work on people, affecting what people are able to More »

Decolonising the mind: The misunderstanding of traditional African beliefs

Few people are aware that Voudou (rather than “voodoo”) is a faith based on harmony with nature, one More »

An African City

“An African City” is an online TV series, “a kind of African Sex in the City”, as described More »


The Umoja African Festiva


images (1)Though far from the native, Africans in the United States have a way of transporting their ever so rich and dynamically diverse cultural aesthetics and practice. They do so as they make positive social and economic contribution in their newfound communities, while influencing the contemporary American popular cultural and social lives. 

Creating the ‘Cuba of Africa’: The life and work of Mohamed Babu

Babu rowingBabu’s ideas and organizing skills were behind the Zanzibar revolution of 50 years ago. A great pan-Africanist and socialist, his life is an inspiration to all people who dare to resist oppression and imperialism.

Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi: ‘Lets Tell This Story Properly’

Jennifer Nansubuga MakumbiUgandan writer, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, came in first for the Commonwealth short story prize for Let’s Tell This Story Properly; a story, which she says, is one of immigration. The piece, in which “a Ugandan woman, Nnam, living in Manchester, finds her husband has ‘died in the bathroom with his pants down. He was 45 years old and should have pulled up his pants before he collapsed. The more shame because it was Easter. Who dies naked on Easter?’ She travels back to Uganda for his funeral, to discover a web of deception”, was praised by judges for its “risk-taking, grace breadth”.

Yaya Deng: Fierce and Fabulous


yayaThe 20-year-old Kenyan-born model, Yaya Deng, best known as a finalist on Foxtel’s reality TV show, The Face, is one of Sydney’s brightest models. In a bold and fabulous styled editorial, she poses for Oyster Magazine’s June issue, photographed by Byron Spencer.

Featured Winners From the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards

mamas 2

mamas 2The MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban brought together some of the biggest names in music from across the continent and created a social media storm on twitter. Highlights included performances by South African trio Mafikizolo, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and a tribute by Simphiwe Dana to the late Nelson Mandela. Check out a sampling of some of the winners from the star-studded event. 

FGM: Kenyan Woman Uses Film to Fight Scourge

people _26_

people _26_In her poem Dahabo Musa, a Somali woman, describes infibulation as “three feminine sorrows, the procedure itself, the wedding night when the woman has to be cut open, the childbirth when she has to be cut again”. Infibulation is one of the three different practices which are included in the definition of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), along with clitoridectomy and excision which are severe forms of removing, partially or totally, the external female genitalia. 

Gender Equality is Not a Western Notion

Mucubal-woman-during-a-festivity-near-Virei-Angola.-Photo-by-Alfred-Weidinger-760-x-445 (1)

Mucubal-woman-during-a-festivity-near-Virei-Angola.-Photo-by-Alfred-Weidinger-760-x-445 (1)

When speaking of gender, in the African context, it is often equated to inequality. Patriarchal traditions are often said to be prevalent in most African settings while gender equal African societies are infrequently reported on.

Recently, we publicized the Awra Amba story, a living experience in gender-equal democracy in rural Ethiopia, and a model type to the societies on how to ‘re-think a beautiful world’.